Bobcats News · We’re excited to welcome LIFT Academy as an official Scholarship Center!

We’re excited to welcome LIFT Academy as an official Scholarship Center Partner for the Oregon-Davis athletic website. Click on the LIFT Academy link under the “More” tab in the primary navigation bar to find awesome resources for a future in flight.

Meet the LIFT Academy Team

We know what you’re thinking: I could never be a pilot. We hear it all the time. Here’s the thing: actually, you really could (and it’s definitely within your grasp). We’re out-of-the-box thinkers, and we’re looking for people who think outside that square, too.

The Leadership In Flight Training (LIFT) Academy is a flight school located in Indianapolis and owned by Republic Airways. LIFT is training the next generation of airline pilots and guarantees its students that successfully complete the program a pilot position with Republic. With its mission to make flying more affordable and attainable, LIFT has thrown the hangar doors wide open to a world of possibilities for men and women who thought becoming a pilot was simply not within reach. From a virtual reality flight simulation truck to various recruitment events and open houses, LIFT offers several ways for you to explore the possibility of becoming an airline pilot. Check them out at

The support of sponsors like LIFT Academy ensures the Oregon-Davis Athletic Department has the most up-to-date news, scores and photos online. Thanks to LIFT Academy for their support of local athletes. Go Oregon-Davis Bobcats!


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